"Great family friendly place"

"I love the personal connection you receive and the one on one attention I receive. Very flexible with my schedule."

 - Oct 28, 2016 | Avis | Akron , OH

I love the fun and welcoming atmosphere!

"The doctors and staff are so friendly. I like the massage therapists approach of gentle care massages. Overall my experience in the office was great. I was happy for a time as I felt i was getting better, but after stopping treatment- the pain has returned. My overall condition however has improved!"

 - Sep 16, 2015 | Amanda P. | Stow , OH


"Wonderful staff of doctor's assistants and massage therapists. So pleased with my experience and the facility."

 - Sep 18, 2015 | Rosie P. | HUDSON , OH


"I've been very, very happy with the treatment that I have received. I would highly recommend Dr. Tubbs to anyone with back, shoulder, or leg pain. He's fixed me up every time I come into the office."

 - Sep 22, 2015 | JAMES CARLTON | KENT , OH


"Dr. Tubbs is very personal with his patients. He is very easy to talk to. I am very happy with the results I got from his care. The pain has subsided completely. The stretching and massage that you receive as a part of treatment is very healing."

 - Sep 22, 2015 | Linda Bailey | CUYAHOGA FALLS , OH

People truely care here

"During my few times of coming here, people have been extra kind and have shown great affection and great conversation. This place has been such a tremendous help with helping me feel better mentally and physically."

 - May 17, 2016 | A spon | Stow , OH

It feels just like home!

"This place is amazing! They have such amazing staff and have already seen such an improvement in just a few weeks! This was my first time working with a chiropractor and it was a bit intimidating at first with the open concept of the office but they made me feel right at home and I would recommend everyone to this office!"

 - Feb 24, 2016 | Suzanne | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

"Back" in action!

"I've suffered from severe back pain for 20 years. Over that time I learned to just deal with the debilitating pain n occasional sciatica that would render my legs useless. I came across their spot at an outdoor event and opted to try out their promotional offering. Bout a month later I'm in their office for a consultation and was informed as to how far out of line my entire spine was and what was causing my issues. They worked diligently, on a daily basis at first, correcting the many issues I was suffering from. Ever since I started treatment with them, I have not had a single flare up since beforehand. Thank you for getting me "back" in action Dr. Tubbs and crew!!"

 - Apr 8, 2016 | Christopher Felmly | Munroe Falls , OH

Some of the best massage therapy I've ever had !!!

"A new patient as of February when I was in a considerable amount of pain and thinking my only option would be multiple surgeries.ive gotten a renewed sense of hope with the therapies employed at Dr.Tubbs. My progress has proceeded steadily althoughly slowly due to initial inability to keep recommended appointments. Regular care is most important !!! Multiple Pain relieving techniques are used effectively .and I can't say enough praise about Alex and Stephanie , massage therapists, only that you won't want to get off the table! Most friendly staff, relaxing environment and snacks when you leave as well as the constant refilling of a water cup( yes they know how important it is to stay hydrated) .Extreamly easy in scheduling an appointment or changing times. I only wish I had gone sooner!"

- Apr 15, 2016 | Mimi | Richfield , OH

I appreciate all the staff and there help!

"I like the staff and the location. I like the variety of different things that are available such as the laser therapy. I also appreciate the staff explaining what they are doing to help my problems. Overall I am happy with the expierence and the fact the treatment is working!!"

 - May 12, 2016 | James Crookston | Akron , OH

Great office

"Great people, i feel so much better than I did a week ago! I highly recommend Tubbs Chiropractic!"

 - May 17, 2016 | A. sponseller | Akron , OH

My go to place

"Tubbs is my place to go when I have flare ups in my neck and my disc problems. They always help me. I have a job where I need my back and neck to work and Tubbs helps me when they don't!!"

 - May 17, 2016 | Kathleen Corcoran | Akron , OH

Wonderful massage!

"I came in with lower back pain. The massages, along with the other forms of therapy, are working wonders for me! The staff is very friendly and professional."

 - Aug 2, 2016 | Jeffrey Conwell | Copley , OH

Burning neck improving

"I first came in with my neck burning and tightness in my back. I have only been going there for two weeks. The staff is very nice and friendly. They are professional and experienced. The back and neck massages are wonderful. I can see improvement already."

 - Sep 25, 2016 | Dan Campbell | Tallmadge , OH

I enjoy the staff members.

"Great people, willing to answer questions. So many therapies available and willing to work with my schedule."

 - Oct 10, 2016 | Meghan | Kent , OH

Very well pleased.
Caring Staff

"The Staff really care about me. I'm incredibly happy with the results that I receiving from my treatment plan. I can finally relax without being in pain."

 - Sep 22, 2015 | Greg S. | CUYAHOGA FALLS , OH

Very Informative.

"The staff is friendly and the therapists do a great job. My overall experience has been good. Dr. Tubbs took the time to educate me on the benefits of chiropractic and so far I'm showing positive results and improvement!"

 - Dec 14, 2015 | Kevin | Copley , OH

Very personable staff

"The staff at the office are very personable and show a willingness to listen concerning my injury and the overall pain level I am in now. I have lost weight which benefits me as it puts less weight on my joints. I still use the back brace I was given on the big jobs at work."

 - Nov 28, 2015 | Shawn | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

I am so happy when I come here.

"I think since I began until now all the members was collaborating with me and they were very friendly. The help me every time and they are flexible to schedule my appointments. So, I can say I am so happy when I come here."

 - Dec 3, 2015 | Abdulaziz | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

I love it here at Tubbs Chiropractic!

"I think Tubbs Chiropractic is great! I've worked with almost everyone in here and they treat me with the up most respect. The Dr. assistants are good with the exercises, they don't overwork me. The massage therapists are great, they don't massage too hard to where I'm sore when I leave. The doctor's explain in good detail what's going on with me and what needs to be done. The receptionists are extremely respectful, they don't give me a hard time whenever I'm late or call off. I love it here at Tubbs Chiropractic!"

 - Dec 3, 2015 | Roberta | Akron , OH

I love how friendly the staff are!

"I love how friendly the staff are! They are always very excited to see me and check in with how I've been. Everyone is open to hearing what works and what doesn't. My shoulders are starting to feel better after a whole six years of them bugging me! If things change this much in the the two months I've been here, I can't wait to see how things improve."

 - Dec 3, 2015 | Tom | Akron , OH

Very satisfied overall

"Friendly, knowledgeable staff, smooth operation. Attentive doctors who care. Massage therapy was great. Very satisfied overall. Both Dr. Tubbs and Dr. Jennifer explained everything. Results - so far so good!"

 - Dec 11, 2015 | Roger | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

I like everything about this office!

"I like everything about this office! Great massage therapists, they do a very nice job. I've loosened up a lot over my entire body. I've lost quite a bit of pain."

 - Jan 6, 2016 | Morris | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

Best of care!

"I went for a neck injury and till this day, I have never had one problem or headache. Tubbs Chiropractic offers more solutions to remedy your problems than other Chiropractic centers."

 - Jan 21, 2016 | Mrs. Rochelle Barbieri | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

The best of all!

"I wouldn't go to any other Chiropractic place than Dr. Tubbs. He has Massage Therapists and other forms of therapy and equipment to help with any and all problems. My wife is a former patient and has NEVER had a problem with her neck since to this day! (2004 is when she was a pt.) Now, I'm coming for my neck, and after three visits I can tell a big difference. Thank you Dr.Tubbs and staff!"

 - Feb 15, 2016 | Mr.Roger Eagleson | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

"A very pleasing environment to be in as a patient. I have been a patient at Dr. Tubbs’ office approximately 25 years. Bluntly- It has kept me from having surgery!! I have been on or used all the equipment and procedures with a great amount of success. Up to date, clean and friendly. Very well pleased."

 - Oct 10, 2014 | Joseph | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

All the doctors who work with Dr. Tubbs are excellent!

"All the doctors who work with Dr. Tubbs are excellent! The staff who provide massage therapy and other therapies are excellent. I have had minimal chiropractic experience; however, my experience as well as my son and husband’s have been very positive with Dr. Tubbs and his staff. The equipment and procedures are very beneficial to the overall healing and wellness process. The STEM treatment and massage therapy are an incredible part of the process. The facility is clean and orderly. Fish aquariums are relaxing! I was in an incredible amount of pain. The doctor and staff outlined a course of treatment that was effective, I was feeling a lot of relief the first week! My overall results have been incredible! Over the years I have had two car accidents and had pain from each accident. Since treatment with Dr. Tubbs and staff, I am virtually pain free and may come in for maintenance in order to keep that “pain-free” feeling."

 - Oct 10, 2014 | Beth H. | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

My pain has decreased and I have many pain free days.

"Everyone is very friendly and helpful and always ready to go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. I think that chiropractic care is very helpful in treating more than back and neck pain. I am very much a believer in the benefits of chiropractic care. Many different procedures in the office to help; the TheraStim is very helpful in relieving pain and helpful with headaches and the massage therapy is such a nice addition to treatment. The office is a very calm place. The fish tanks and many plants create a very tranquil atmosphere. My first visit in the office was a very pleasant experience. The doctors and staff are professional and very informative. I was very impressed with the office and staff. I feel so much better since starting treatment. My pain has decreased and I have many pain free days."

 - Oct 10, 2014 | Andrea L. | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

My back feels amazing.

"Great. Love the staff. I haven’t had any issues with my back since starting. My back feels amazing."

 - Oct 10, 2014 | Paul H. | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

Never thought I would progress this well.

"Great wonderful; could barely walk. I can now walk, stand and bend. Never thought I would progress this well."

 - Oct 10, 2014 | Stephen D. | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

The procedures are all done on a professional level.

"The procedures are all done on a professional level. The facility is very comfortable. The first visit I had, I was surprised at how much individual attention is given. The pain in my lower back is gone. I feel so much better now."

 - Oct 10, 2014 | Phyllis R. | Cuyahoga Falls , OH

Very happy with the care, so glad I picked Dr. Tubbs! Would ...

"My experience with Dr. Tubbs has been a wonderful experience, he has helped me so much. I no longer have any pain in my lower back. WOW- they are the best massage therapists ever! I liked the exercise program, staff works with you to cover all areas. My time spent here is great, not too long or too short. Office hours and layout is good. *I was in so much "PAIN" before treatment, but now I feel like a new person. I could not lay down in bed without the pain, but now I can go to bed without pain and finally get some much needed sleep!"

 - Sep 16, 2015 | Michelle S. | Akron , OH

I would recommend anyone I know who needs chiropractic care ...

"I have been coming here for over 8 years! Dr. Tubbs and his staff have kept me off the operating table. The staff is always courteous and caring. Great environment for healing. I would recommend anyone I know who needs chiropractic care/treatment to come see Dr. Tubbs!"

 - Sep 16, 2015 | Stephen | Stow , OH

Very Nice Accommodations!

"The massages that you receive as a part of the treatment process are very relaxing. The doctor's assistants are very attentive to every patient's needs. The office is very clean. I have never experienced this much relief until I started seeing Dr. Tubbs."

 - Sep 22, 2015 | Thomas Cowman | Akron , OH

Very Caring and Professional!

"The staff at Tubbs Chiropractic is phenomenal. They are great at reminding me when my next appointment is. Cera, who handles billing is great. I got in a car accident in December and it only took me a week to be pain free. They have all the right tools with the X-Rays, TheraStim, and massage. They whole staff is very caring and professional."

- Sep 22, 2015 | Wayne Given | CUYAHOGA FALLS , OH

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